15 facts about meat you didn’t know



The etymology of the word “meat” claims that it meant any food. After all, for a long time, people ate just meat, because it was the main type of food. However, today meat is more than just-food. This category of products is fraught with a mountain of interesting facts that we will share with you further.

  1. 49% of American adults eat at least one sandwich a day. And the most common additions to sandwiches are lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, and ham.
  2. Pepperoni is American food, not Italian. In Italy, the word “pepperoni” belongs to bell peppers. Therefore, the Italian pepperoni salami does not actually exist.
  3. In Germany, in the city of Regensburg, there is a restaurant that has been operating for 900 years. All these years until today, they have been selling sausages. That is, we can assume that the restaurant “Garkueche Auf dem Kranchen” existed even before the Incas appeared.
  4. The red juice that leaks out of a perfectly cooked beef steak is not blood at all, but a mixture of water and myoglobin.
  5. The white shell on the outside of salami, which is often seen in the supermarket, is an edible mold that blocks other bacteria from entering the sausage.
  6. There are almost 19 billion chickens on Earth and their population exceeds the human population by almost three times. This is despite the fact that we annually consume about 100 million tons of poultry.
  7. The color of a hen’s egg depends on the color of its earlobes. For example, red chickens lay brown eggs, while light chickens lay white.
  8. The cow doesn’t eat meat, never! Cows are absolute vegetarians. Therefore, if you ever notice the “vegetarian food” label on a beef label, know that this is just a marketing ploy to help increase meat sales.
  9. Cows see almost 360 degrees. They need this ability in order to observe predators from all sides and be able to escape if danger is very close. However, they do not see well directly in front of them, and therefore often turn their heads when we stand right in front of their eyes.
  10. Any Kobe beef purchased outside of Japan or China is counterfeit. Real Kobe beef must be grown in parts of Japan, and exporting to any country other than China is illegal. Therefore, if you see such beef steak in stores in other countries, you can be sure that this is not the real Kobe.
  11. The French eat four times more butter, 60% more cheese and almost three times more pork than the rest of the world. And despite this, they have no problems with being overweight. Surprising and more!
  12. Pork is the most popular type of meat in the world today. For example, China produced 54 million tons of pork in 2018.
  13. According to economists’ forecasts, the demand for meat will increase by 73% by 2050.
  14. Pigs have domesticated more than 9 thousand years ago, or more precisely in the 7th millennium BC.
  15. Sports equipment is most often made from cow skins. For example, one skin can make 12 basketballs, 144 baseballs, and 20 soccer balls.