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It began in 1995. The newly established enterprise is headed by a team of like-minded people, united by a common purpose - to produce really tasty and high-quality meat and sausage products, as they have long been the favorite dishes of Ukrainians.

Today it is one of the elite sausage brands. The company is consistently among the best in the meat processing industry of Ukraine.

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Vertically integrated production

Cultivation of agricultural land cultures
100% feed availability throughout the year
Production of feed
Own feed mill
Pig complex
11,900 heads
Cooperation with Ukrainian Farms
Contracts for the supply of poultry meat and beef
Meat processing enterprise
In one territory there are: slaughter, boning, productive shop, production of raw sausages, laboratory, administrative and transport department
National network
Delivery of products to shops
Own company network
A branded chain of stores in Kyiv

Our main advantages

  • Closed technological cycle of production. We carefully control each of the steps, from cattle slaughter to finished product sales.
  • A full-fledged production complex in which all the shops and structural departments are in the same territory.
  • We are constantly investing in modern high-tech equipment based on European models.
  • The use of natural raw materials – a guarantee of stable product quality.
  • Tested measuring laboratory, which by the method of sampling for laboratory research controls the technological processes of production.
  • We do not use impurities, artificial flavor enhancers, sausage maturation enhancers and GMO products.
  • Wide assortment of all kinds of sausage products, various meat delicacies and natural semi-finished products.
  • Original recipes based on traditional Ukrainian dishes, such as pork, baked meat, rolls, homemade sausages. A special pride is the line of elite raw sausages made with the addition of Italian wines and spices. Due to the special production technology, raw sausages have a longer shelf life and unique, special taste.
  • DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 quality control system and DSTU ISO 22000: 2007 food safety management system (based on HACCP concept) are implemented at the enterprise. We strive for our products to meet the highest international standards.
  • Own network of branded stores in Kiev and the region, which also presents exclusive products, is not available in other places of sale.
  • More than 400 employees make sure every day that the best meat and sausage products are consumed through careful quality control at all stages of production and strict adherence to the production technology. The large team of Ukrprompostach-95 is united not only by professionalism and responsible attitude to business tasks, but also by love for their business and desire to change the culture of consumption in Ukraine for the better.
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08410, Ukraine, Kyiv region, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky district, S. Prystromy, vul. 30th Anniversary of Victory, 8/1

(04567) 5-14-52

Our quality

  • We provide control of every stage – from the raw material base to the store shelves.
  • The production-measuring laboratory (certified by SE “Kyivoblstandartmetrologiya”) operates at the production, which controls the technological processes of production of products by the method of sampling for laboratory research. And the input control of raw materials is carried out by authorized veterinarians of the regional
  • State Veterinary Laboratory.
  • Each technological stage is monitored with the help of automatic equipment under the supervision of highly qualified technologists.
  • Particular attention is paid to compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • We use eco-friendly materials for packaging and prefer natural shells.
  • Most of our products have a short shelf life, which indicates its natural composition.
  • Finished goods are delivered to shops in specially equipped transport.
  • We only use fresh raw materials.