Pork is considered to be the least useful of meat, but it is not. Pork is rich in B vitamins (especially B12), zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium, and fat contains arachidonic acid, highly unsaturated fatty acids and selenium. The above properties of pork are indispensable in the fight against bad mood and cardiovascular disease. Pork contains the amino acid lysine required for bone formation and for the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes.
The quality of pork depends largely on the feed and livestock growing conditions.

How to choose fresh meat?

• Take a good look at the color of the meat. Ideally, it should be pink or light red. Dark red, brown or burgundy is a sure sign of an older animal or a wrong slaughter.
• In turn, the color of the meat must be too alert. This means that it may contain dyes.
• The fat on the meat and in the layers should be white or cream. The yellower and darker the shades of fat, the more “adult” the animal was.
• A little trick: When selecting chilled meat, press it with your finger. If it is elastic (the hole from the pressure disappears immediately) and does not stick to your hands – such a product can be safely bought.
• Avoid counters with wet meat. It is better to buy slightly veiled meat than wet.
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Pork shoulder: how to choose

Pork shoulder dishes are quite popular in our country. But before cooking, it is important to choose the right meat. To choose the pork shoulder, you must pay attention to the color of the pulp. It should be not too dark, but not too light. The dark color indicates that the meat was taken from a young animal and will become stiff and tasteless after cooking. In turn, a too light shade of meat indicates that hormonal preparations have been used extensively in growing the animal. Therefore, the best choice is the flesh of a young animal, the flesh of which is colored in light shades of red. The layers of fat must be soft and colored white.

The pork shoulder is one of the most versatile in the use of home pig carcasses. The relatively low content of coarse muscle, fatty connective tissues, as well as the extraordinary compatibility with most foods, allows the use of meat in the preparation of a large number of first and second courses, as well as meat and sausage products.

However, most often the pork shoulder is used in boiled, stewed and fried. The most popular dishes of this meat are rolls, schnitzels, borscht and roast. As a separate dish, the pork shovel is usually served with vegetable side dishes, in most cases prepared from potatoes, cabbage or legumes.

Pork shoulder in Kiev

The storage of the pork shoulder should be refrigerated after 5-7 days. It is not recommended to use sealed containers for storage. To keep the pork shoulder for a longer period (up to a year), it can be frozen by providing a certain temperature regime – not higher than -18 degrees.

The high content of a number of biologically active substances ensures that the pig blades have many beneficial properties, even after a long heat treatment. In particular, the use of this meat reduces nervous excitability, improves the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the processes of hematopoiesis, metabolism, bone and muscle tissue formation, and when consumed in moderation – promotes the reduction of blood cholesterol, normalizes the heart and condition of the heart blood vessels.

Where to buy pork shovel

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