The pig’s handle turned


Do you like meat products? Then we have great news!

Winter is approaching. And what about a winter without a pig roll? It is a very popular and versatile product. According to numerous requests from our customers, we returned it for sale just before the season. So hurry up to buy it first, because the seasonal product ends very quickly!

As you know, Ukrprompostach branded stores sell meat products of equal taste and nutritional quality that are not available in the whole country. Moreover, both fresh meat and various ready meals are available to buyers. Because deliveries to the store are made daily, customers are only allowed to choose from usable products. In addition, we try to keep the prices of goods at the optimum level. In general, hello – you will not regret.

свиняча рулька

Who should pay attention to the pork roll from UprPromPostach?

Everybody who appreciates delicious meat delicacies should try the product. There are hundreds of ready-made dishes, so practically everyone can find a way to cook that they like personally. Stir the roll in beer or cook Bavarian, make a boar knee or bake in the pre-marinated spices, boil the soup or make a jelly … Consumer tastes are varied – and the handle can be cooked accordingly. Show your culinary fantasy with fresh produce from Ukrprompostach.

You can buy a delicacy at the addresses of our branded stores. Today, Ukrprompostach offers to buy its products at 10 sales outlets, most of which are in Kiev, and also provides goods to some supermarkets and meat shops. Pork roll is now available on the shelves of our stores.

The versatility of the pork roll makes it extremely popular, so fans of savory meat dishes should hurry!