They talk about us


Ukrprompostach: they talk about us

Recently, our company was mentioned in the magazine AllRetail as an example of the use of modern technologies in the store. Ukrainian service was created in 2009. A news agency and an online resource of the same name have opened in parallel. Nowadays, AllRetail is one of the most popular news sites among the CIS countries and Ukraine in particular. The topic of news on the resource is mainly retail. The April issue of AllRetail published an article entitled “New Ukrprompostach Store: Modern Technologies in Action.” The article describes our production methods and point of sale equipment. We are known and appreciated for the high standards of production and sales.

What is the advantage of Ukrprompostach stores?

Our stores are the exclusive territory of our branded products. Here we are responsible for the quality of each item. Ukrprompostach uses only up-to-date equipment that is regularly checked and updated. Products are manufactured using unique technology that helps to extend the shelf life of our products.

A distinctive feature of our products is the lack of chemical artificial additives. We use neither flavor enhancers nor maturation stimulants in the preparation of Ukrprompostach meat products. Moreover, pork products use meat of their own production from the pig complex. At the same time animals consume natural feed, also grown by us independently. Therefore, all products that come to our branded stores – is a proven, quality and usable product.

A nice bonus at Ukrprompostach stores is the service. The store staff are always ready to help you with the choice and give you interesting information about the production of the product and methods of its storage. Literate consultants will tell you what products will suit your taste and will quickly process your order.

Due to the wide assortment of products in shops and on the site Ukrprompostach we can boast a rather wide branch of prices. We have products for every taste and purse, so you can buy exquisite delicacies that are sure to be remembered for your guests and budget options of delicious high quality meat products.

Why do people choose us?

Ukrprompostach has been pleasing its fans with quality meat products for over twenty years. Since 1995, when we just opened, standards and approaches to the preparation of meat products have changed a lot. However, there is one thing that has remained the same: buyers have always preferred an honest manufacturer.

Today, as in 1995, we continue to work for conscience. The quality and freshness of each item is achieved thanks to modern production technologies and unique recipe. Try our products – and you will find that the combination of “useful and delicious” exists!