5 kitchen things we misuse


Our kitchen has more useful details than we think. It’s just that we don’t always notice them and can immediately understand that this is how they should be used. Also, we are surrounded by many things that we constantly see, but cannot explain why they are. For example, the deep bottom of a wine bottle. Wasn’t it possible to make an ordinary flat bottom? But no! After all, it is this bottom that helps to cool the wine faster and makes the glass resistant to pressure. This detail doesn’t make our life more convenient, right? We have collected for you the top 5 really useful examples of using things in the kitchen, created to optimize everyday life, which most people do not even know about.


Tetra pak juice / milk bottle

We usually pour into the glass from the hole side of the box. However, everything needs to be done the other way around. The opening of the box should be on the opposite side of the glass. This will help you to have support, and the liquid will not spill when you lift the juice or milk. You need to drink in the same way — the part of the box where there is a cork should be on the opposite side from you, that is, directed to the sky. Instead, we usually drink in such a way that part of the box just rests on the chin and we cannot control the flow of liquid.


Pasta spoon

Have you noticed that the pasta spoon, in addition to the teeth, also has a hole in the middle of the spoon? Most people only use it to get the water out of there. However, this part is important. The diameter of this hole corresponds to one serving of spaghetti. Therefore, you can put pasta in there before cooking and measure out the required number of servings.


Beer bottle

Why do most beer bottles have a narrow, elongated neck? One of the reasons is the decrease in the amount of heat that is transferred to the liquid. Therefore, by holding the beer by the throat, instead of the body of the bottle, you will keep the drink cold.


Drawer under the oven

Usually, we put foil, towels, pans in a box under the oven, but not at all what this box was created for. And it was invented in order to warm up food there or keep it warm. Let’s say you’ve made a pie, but you need to let it rest for 30-40 minutes. If you leave it on the table, it will start to dry, and if you leave it in the oven, it will overcook. Therefore, the box should serve as an intermediate place where products are stored after they have been baked in the oven.


Saucepan handle hole

You have no idea how many details in our kitchen are created in order to make our life easier. For example, a small hole in the handle of a saucepan. It would seem that it exists in order to conveniently hang the pan on the wall. However, the hole there serves as a kind of support for the spatula, with which we stir the dish that is being prepared on the stove. With this hole in the handle, we don’t need extra utensils to put the spatula in there.