Beef is rich in a large amount of connective tissue proteins that are required to maintain the health of blood vessels, joints and skin.
The quality of beef depends largely on forage and livestock production conditions.

How to choose fresh meat?

• Take a good look at the color of the meat. Ideally, it should be pink or light red. Dark red, brown or burgundy is a sure sign of an older animal or a wrong slaughter.
• In turn, the color of the meat must be too alert. This means that it may contain dyes.
• The fat on the meat and in the layers should be white or cream. The yellower and darker the shades of fat, the more “adult” the animal was.
• A little trick: When selecting chilled meat, press it with your finger. If it is elastic (the hole from the pressure disappears immediately) and does not stick to your hands – such a product can be safely bought.
• Avoid counters with wet meat. It is better to buy slightly veiled meat than wet.
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Beef tenderloin: how to choose and cook

Since the tenderloin is the most valuable part of the cow, the most resourceful and not honest sellers can offer the inexperienced buyer the so-called “counterfeit”. The flesh on the inside of the leg or the shoulder blade is very similar in appearance to the tenderloin, but in reality it is hard meat.

The true tenderloin should have a so-called “head” – conical pieces of pulp near the base on both sides. The buyer can sell the tenderloin without the head, which is more economical on the one hand, because the meat is tougher in the “head”, but it will be difficult to make sure that the seller offers the tenderloin itself. The price may still be high given the cut off. There must be a film on the tenderloin. There will be no film on the cut. Note that the meat should be lean and large in fiber, unlike leg or shoulder meat.

Beef can be cooked in a wide variety of dishes. For example, here are some of them:

• Beef with pickled onions;
• filet mignon with brothel sauce and confit potatoes;
• Wellington beef;
• Chateaubriand with spicy mashed potatoes and foie gras;
• Hamburger Scandinavia;
• classic roast beef;
• beef stew with dried fruits;
• Breton intercourse;
• beef steaks with fried cherry tomatoes.
The variety of dishes is wide enough for everyone to find their own way to taste. Choosing a quality and fresh piece of meat gives you half the success of the meal!

Beef neck

The peculiarity of this part of the meat is that it remains extremely succulent, although it is considered a lean dish (containing a small amount of fat). This property of beef neck allows you to cook a large number of delicious dishes, with recipes of some of them have a rich history.

Boneless beef is perfect for stewed or roasted meat in the oven. And lovers of outdoor recreation know that beef neck on the bone can be cooked delicious barbecue. Also, do not forget about the first course: the neck is great for crunchy soups, including borscht. It should be noted that beef neck is a very useful meat that contains a lot of valuable proteins and vitamins needed by the body.

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