Gas packaging for meat products


Delicious meat products are always welcome at any table. However, quality meat has one drawback: it spoils fairly quickly. Most often this problem can be solved by using special packaging for products. The company Ukrprompostach selects the storage method for its products, depending on its properties.
One of the packages regularly used in our production is gas packaging.
To pack the product in this way, it is placed in a special package, which is filled with a mixture of two gases: carbon dioxide CO2 and nitrogen N2 in a ratio of 1 to 4. Gas packaging is allowed for use in our country and has no negative impact on the product. Created in the package environment allows you to maintain the natural color of sausage products and slow down their oxidation caused by air.
It is worth noting that the mixture of gases in the shell has a specific odor, which is often noted by buyers of meat and other products packed in this way. However, the presence of odor does not indicate spoilage content, but is the norm. Therefore, industries using gas packaging, it is recommended that you open the package before leaving the product and leave the dish for 5 minutes to allow the specific aroma to show off, and only then start using.

The benefits of gas packaging

It is no accident that gas packaging is used for many types of food products worldwide.
The versatility and practicality of the shell allows it to be used for different types of content. Today, this type of storage is very popular in Ukraine. It has many advantages over other types of packaging:

extension of the shelf life of the products;
high hygiene;
budget cost;
transparency – the ability to see content;
light weight.
Gas packaging is used for food products worldwide.
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