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7 most popular steaks you need to know


In our stores, you have already seen T-Bon, Filet Mignon, and Osovuko. However, in addition to these types of steaks, there are more than 15 positions in the world. Today we are talking about the 7 most popular ones that you can buy in Ukraine. And some of them are in our stores.



Probably the most popular steak in the world. And all thanks to its marbling. The high amount of fatty fibers makes it juicy and flavorful.

Cooking tips. You will need enough salt and pepper to marinate a large piece. It is better to fry it in a grill pan (preferably cast iron) at a high temperature. It is not necessary to add oil to it, as the piece itself has enough fat not to stick to the surface.



Such a large piece of beef is always sold on the bone. This definitely makes it delicious and interesting, but the bone makes it difficult to cook. In addition, Porterhouse contains two types of fat: a tender tenderloin and a fatty part. Therefore, the preparation method for this steak plays a key role.

Cooking tips. Place the steak in the skillet so that the tenderloin portion is slightly farther from the heat source. But place the thick and most of the steak directly over the fire. This will help to properly allocate the temperature to the two different types of meat.



This steak is from the back of a cow’s belly. It has a more fibrous texture. This steak has almost no fat, and therefore it is better to marinate the piece to make it juicier.

Cooking tips. Flank steak should be cooked over high heat until medium cooked. The meat should be alive to the touch. It should be cut not earlier than 30 minutes after preparation and always against the fibers. Don’t be alarmed if the inside of the steak is pink and bloody. This is normal practice for this type of meat.


Rump steak

One of the most budget-friendly beef steaks that anyone can afford. It is part of the longest muscle of the back or hip part. There are almost no marble fibers, and therefore the value of the piece is not so great. However, this does not mean that the steak is inferior in its taste to others. The main thing is to cook it correctly.

Cooking tips. It is best to marinate this piece for at least four to five hours before cooking. Then it must be fried at a high temperature and allowed to stand for at least 10-15 minutes. The rump steak is usually cut into thin slices and served with the sauce.



This is a lean steak with a decent amount of fatty fiber, which makes it quite flavorful and juicy. However, like Rump steak, Sirloin is considered to be an inexpensive steak.

Cooking tips. Since the steak itself is quite low-fat, you should be careful not to overcook it. Best cooked over medium heat. To add flavor to the meat, add a sprig of thyme or rosemary at the end.



A steak with a large bone, which is very often seen on videos of popular chefs. The look of this piece is very impressive. It tastes no less spectacular. After all, Tomahawk has a high level of marbling, and therefore it is well saturated with the aromas of spices and makes the meat so soft that it melts in the mouth.

Cooking tips. A piece of this steak usually takes longer to cook than others, but you can always put it in the oven for a few minutes for better browning. Just note that everything needs to be done at high temperatures.



This is the inside of the beef shoulder, which is perhaps the most marbled of all beef steaks. In Ukraine, this is still a rather rare type of steak, but there are still connoisseurs of such meat.

Cooking tips. Denver can handle very high temperatures, but it is best cooked at a stable temperature in a cast iron grill pan. It is it who distributes heat well over the entire surface and will make your piece moderately juicy and add a glazed crust.