5 dishes which we’ve cooking wrong for a whole life


You could cook your favorite dishes for years without even knowing that it needs to be done differently. Sometimes we ourselves simplify our life, and sometimes we just don’t go into details and deliberately cook without following the recipe.

We have prepared for you 5 of the most common dishes that we often cook incorrectly. We are sure that the secrets of their preparation will help improve and even simplify the process. Add these culinary tips to your kitchen routine and you can no longer imagine your life without them.


Fried eggs

Why are scrambled eggs in restaurants different from the ones we cook at home? This is because we are not sticking to the recipe. The fact is that we usually leave the cooked eggs in the pan for a while, where they have time to dry out. We also overcook it too much.

Classic scrambled eggs should not be completely finished, even a little liquid. After all, the egg has a remarkable ability to curdle even at the slightest temperature. Therefore, when you place the dish on the plate, the eggs will still be cooking. Accordingly, if we cook them completely in a pan, the consistency on the plate will become dry.

Instead of making the eggs tender and fluffy, cook them over high heat, stirring constantly. As soon as the eggs are folded, but the protein is still liquid, turn off the stove. At this point, we recommend adding a little cream cheese to make the eggs even softer and stir a minute on the stove without fire to cook the protein. Then place on a plate and eat.



It would seem that it could be easier than bacon. Just put it in a skillet and voila. Despite this, the pieces often come out either too soft or too fried and burnt.

This is why chefs advise to cook bacon in the oven. Simply line a baking sheet with foil or parchment paper and try cooking at 250 °C for 10-15 minutes. The time depends on the thickness of the slices. As a result, you will get juicy, but crispy bacon for scrambled eggs or burger.


Tomato sauce

Sometimes you cook gazpacho or tomato sauce for pasta, but it is sour. Oh yes, who has not come across such a thing. In such cases, most will simply add sugar to the sauce or soup to regulate the acidity. However, this will not save the situation! Your best bet is to simply find the perfect juicy and sweet tomatoes. One of the varieties often used for sauces is San Marzano. Now you understand why Italians are so strict about the choice of tomatoes? The entire success of the dish literally depends on their choice.


Most of us cook pasta until cooked through. And then he adds them to a hot skillet with the sauce. There they become even more boiled and become too soft.

This is why the pasta should be boiled until al dente. And then you can add them to the sauce while they are still firm. Already in the sauce, they will continue to cook slowly, and at the end, they will become the desired consistency.



This dish was once considered quite provincial, and now it is the basis of traditional Italian cuisine. However, the usual dish of rice, wine, onions, and parmesan is not so easy to prepare. First, the risotto is made from a special type of rice — Arborio. It cannot be filled with just water, only rich broth. Also, meat is not added to the dish. Ideally, everything should be cooked in a steam bath. Therefore, the next time you cook rice with chicken or mushrooms, this does not mean that you have got risotto. The classic risotto has a creamy, gooey texture that looks more like a very thick soup than crumbly rice.

Of course, you can experiment with adding mushrooms, peas, or even seafood. However, these will be additional variations of the dish and not a classic reproduction of it.