Our quality

Consistent product quality is the basic principle of our company. This is the key to steady demand, consumer’s trust and reliable reputation of the enterprise which has been tested by time.

There is released and confirmed Certified management quality system ISO 9001:2009 and safety management system of food ISO 22000:2007, which indicates company’s compliance in accordance with the highest international standards.

Our long experience is based on respect for the basic principles of safe production:


We control of each stage – from raw material base to store shelves.


There is a production and measurement laboratory (certified by the State Enterprise “Kiev-oblstandart Metrology”) on the enterprise, which controls the processes of manufacturing products by a sampling method for laboratory testing. And the input control of raw materials is carried out by authorized veterinarians from Regional State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine.


Each process step is monitored by automated equipment under the supervision of the highly qualified technologists.


Special attention is paid to the observance of sanitary hygiene standards.


We use environmentally friendly materials for packaging and prefer natural casings.


Most our products have a short shelf life which shows its natural composition.


Our products are delivered to stores in specially equipped vehicles.


We use only fresh natural raw materials.

That is why you can be sure: the quality is guaranteed!


We thoroughly select suppliers which prefer the traditional methods of feeding. This provides the enterprise only with healthy animals.

The company’s management launched a number of projects in the field of livestock and crop production for a stable supply of the meat processing plant of the best raw materials.

“Steykagro Ltd.” is one of them. It consists of a pig farm, feed mill, grain storage and land for growing crops.

The pig farm is equipped with the latest automated technologies. In the near future it is planned to launch the second one.

Special attention is paid to the production of our own high-quality balanced food for animals. All fodder is grown in the ecologically clean areas of Pereyaslavl.

All natural semi-finished products, which we sell in the network of company stores, are manufactured only from raw materials grown on our own pig farm.

PKF “Ukrprompostach-95”, “Steykagro Ltd.” and other related projects have been developed by us to create the most ecological closed-loop manufacturing and produce really natural, healthy and tasty products.